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Business Valuation

To provide a basis for M&A activities or corporate investment management, to offer clarity in conflicts among partners, to offset company losses...there are many reasons why companies or parts thereof are valued. Whether determining a book value, an arbitrary value or an objective value on which to base decisions: Business valuation is more than just a calculation method. It requires a keen understanding of business models, corporate relations and the valuation situation at hand.

As consultants and interim managers, we have experienced and, in part, helped develop a variety of business models. As mediators, M&A facilitators, corporate investment managers, etc., we look at what is required for valuation, value representation and justification in each situation. Our expertise in this field is backed up by experience gained from numerous valuation projects.

We conduct valuations in Germany and Austria according to the pertinent standards, namely IDW S1 and KFS/BW 1.