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Coaching, Mediation


People in leadership positions often need the opportunity to bounce ideas off of others, during crises more than ever. Our vast experience in a wide range of sectors, roles and common situations make us the ideal sparring partner. We work together to reset the company and come up with new paths. Our knowledge of similar situations without being acutely affected is our added advantage. We focus on ensuring our coaching partner can make the derived ideas their own.


Seeking mediation typically means someone needs help solving ‘their’ problem, regardless of whether this involves conflicts with other people or institutions within their company, on the board, with competitors or clients.

As a certified business mediator (MAB Berlin), we are well acquainted with this situation and can guide those looking for solutions with a structured process. The individual steps of this process and our involvement of every party ensure that every interest is voiced and adequately addressed. This allows the parties to shoulder their responsibility for the solution.

We are happy to assist the parties in implementing the reached solution. Mediation doesn’t just have to be an isolated process. It can also be part of, or even a prerequisite for further change processes.