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Interim Management


We work closely with our clients to develop basic concepts for business continuity and find solutions for conflicts among or with stakeholders. During this process, we take on the role of interim managers (including on the board as CRO, independent managing directors/board members and other roles) or as advisors to the management team and/or owners.

We also guide insolvency administrators through the reorganisation and restructuring process, particularly during preliminary proceedings, to help the company get back on its feet and make sure nothing stands in the way of a new future.

Successful restructuring projects always incorporate five key aspects:

  • Strategy
  • Organisation
  • Operations
  • Finances
  • Culture

A viable new structure can only be found if all factors are impartially considered to the extent relevant for the case at hand. The end goal is always returning to normal business operations as quickly as possible. After all, a patient can only survive for so long during open heart surgery.